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Did you Know how to use YouTube as an effective marketing tool for your Business? Here is the tips and tricks to promote your Business

With over 1 billion unique visitors each month, YouTube is a platform that every small business owner should consider as part of their marketing strategy. After all, most potential customers would much rather watch an informative video of your company’s products and services than reading a lengthy sales letter.

Not only is YouTube a great promotional tool, but you can also use the video host to create trust, authority and recognition by creating a channel for your business. Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Showcase Your Products/Services

Many successful businesses use video marketing as their primary strategy to introduce customers to their products and services. From explainer videos to webinars to video presentations, there are many ways to present your product to your target market.

A great example of a company using YouTube to market their products is GoPro, he is one of the most popular camera options in the world right now. The company uses the channel to upload content ranging from informational videos about new products to compilations of footage from cameras in use.

2. Show your expertise

YouTube is now his second largest search engine on the internet, after his parent company Google. Every day, users search for answers to their questions and problems. This presents a great opportunity to build authority for your business, and reach your target audience by offering expertise in the form of short videos with advice and tips.

For example, an internet marketing firm could create short videos filled with tips on, “How to Utilize SEO”, or “5 Great Social Media Marketing Strategies”. By creating short videos, 3-5 minutes, with great tips, you are demonstrating expertise for your industry and are building more authority for your business.

3. Take a look behind the scenes

Want to give current and potential customers a behind-the-scenes look at how your company operates? This is an effective way to build trust with your business prospects. But it’s also a way for a business to show how hard they work for their customers. Post an interview with the CEO, profile an employee, or video blog his day at work.

4. Customer feedback

Another way to build credibility and authority for your business is to upload testimonial videos to YouTube. Showing positive recommendations and reviews from previous customers is a proven success factor. Testimonials help facilitate purchasing decisions and help ensure that people are receiving service from a company with a positive track record.

5. Create video tutorials to help customer

Watching video tutorials on how to set up and use a product is much more useful than trying to figure out a complicated instruction manual. Can your business make things easier with video tutorials? In that case, YouTube is a great platform for providing instructions to your customers. Customers can fast-forward, pause, and rewind her video tutorial at any time to follow the instructions at their own pace.

Another great benefit of uploading video tutorials is that you can provide support and help in the comments on YouTube. If users have any questions or problems, they can leave a comment below the video on YouTube. Make sure notifications are turned on so you can respond with help and support.

6. Integrate YouTube into your marketing plan

Beyond the 5 ways to use YouTube for your business, there are many other ways you can help make the popular platform an integral part of your marketing plan. Depending on the nature of your business, we can host live streams, create Q&A videos, provide conference/event recaps, provide expert interviews, or make company announcements.
When it comes to implementing YouTube marketing for your business, get started today. The more videos you make, the better overview you’ll get. Learn how to shoot better videos, refine your style and format, improve your keyword usage, and add calls to action.
Don’t forget to get audience feedback on your videos through your YouTube channel and social media. Stay consistent and focus on providing quality content. Whatever your niche, your audience will appreciate it when you stream the highest quality content. New videos are uploaded regularly so your audience knows when to watch your channel will do so.
Over time, YouTube marketing advances to grow the audience and YouTube becomes an essential advertising channel for brands.
If you’re still not sure how to get started with YouTube marketing, use the strategies above to come up with ideas for your brand.
If all this seems too difficult, contact SEOGREY. We are experts in creating YouTube marketing strategies that get results. We also have the best professionals to help you improve and grow your business.

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