What are the ways to do effective Linkedin Marketing ?

1. Provide Real Value

Instead of sharing how your nutrition supplement is the best in the world, create a blog post that describes how pre-workout can help performance.

2. Add Your Opinion

Stop simply reposting posts from your companies’ page. Your followers don’t want to just see their updates, if they did they would already be following the page. They want to hear about you. Instead of reposting the picture of your sports team’s new jerseys, write a quick 2 or 3 sentences about why you like the new colour of orange and how the addition of advertisements is a great addition, ask your followers for their thoughts on the subject.

3. Give your competitive edge.

Tell us how purchasing through you can give me something that a typical user wouldn’t receive. I don’t care if your concert tickets are on for $100, tell me that I will save 20% off the listed price if I purchase them through you.

4. Start Organic

Before doing a release of your companies PR on all of your followers, ask who would be interested in tickets to Chainsmokers Shows. Give your followers a tease before the business releases media to gauge who would be interested and give all of your followers a taste of what to come.

5. Keep Engagement Other than Your Promotional Posts

Quite simply, if you’re followers don’t like your personal posts, and you’re trying to keep them engaged on your promotions, you’re gonna have a bad time. Mix in quality content from your personal life. Nobody likes a robotic account that just spews a companies branding.

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What are the ways to do effective Linkedin Marketing ?
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What are the ways to do effective Linkedin Marketing ?
What are the ways to do effective Linkedin Marketing ?
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