Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for Newly Registered Companies in India

seogrey kollam

You decided to start a company, say a food manufacturing company and have registered it. You start your work on your product & factory, set up a website and then after two months decides to check what your company looks like online.

What you find may not be exactly pleasing.  

Your google result

You find some unrelated pages listed about some other food company, and your name and website are nowhere to be seen.

What should you do in such a situation?

We have the perfect solution for you: Follow these 5 simple steps – 

  1. Basic On-page optimisation : This means editing your website meta tags to show important info and adding your social media accounts to the website.
  2. Basic Off-page: Register with Google Business, add information in three other directories, add website links to social medias like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  3. Basic Social: Of course if you haven’t set the major three social media pages of your region, do it. 
  4. Create & Share Content: Blogs, infographics, videos, memes related to your thing – everything works.
  5. Set up analytics, search console and live chat: Keep tab on your visitors, submit urls and let this work.

You should be able to do the 5 easy steps of basic SEO and get going. In case you find is tricky or you want to do advanced SEO for your organisation or product, Contact Us at or call +91 8157078912.

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