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How To Fix Your Location on Google My Business Listings ?

Being on Google Maps is essential for a multi-location business’s localized marketing strategy. But what if the location shown when a user searches for your business on his Google Maps is not your business’ actual location?

The most common reason businesses don’t appear on Google Maps is that they don’t have a location authority. If your GMB (Places) listing does not have a location permit, your business or service must be in close proximity or adjacent to your location to appear on Google Maps.

How to Fix Your Local Business Listing??

Moving your business can be hectic, but managing your local SEO to maintain your rankings and help customers find you in your new location takes time.

Here are the some of the ways to fix the location issues on GMB

1. Update Your Website With New Location Information

A website is a virtual asset in the same way that a new space becomes a physical location. Staying up to date is key to maintaining traffic both online and in person.

You may have your NAP listed on your contact page, but if you see it elsewhere on the site, please update all instances. This information may also appear in the footer of your website. The good news is that you only need to update it once and it will be correct on all pages of your website. You can also add a photo or two of your new location to your contact page to help your customers understand what to look for when visiting a new location for the first time.

Also consider writing a short blog post about this move. You can add more photos here.

Don’t forget the schema mark up. Instead of examining your website’s code, you can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to examine all your website’s structured data.

You can even add detailed directions to your new store. The best way to do this is to embed the map in your contact page. About 86% of users search for business locations on her Google Maps. By embedding it on your website, your customers don’t have to look it up themselves. It also helps make your contact page more attractive.

The more information you give your website visitors and the easier it is to create, the more likely they are to find your new location.

2. Close the Previous Business Listing

Unless you are transferring to a brand-new vicinity, there may be a risk some other employer formerly occupied the spot.

Check for antique listings. You can be amazed to discover a couple of list already in existence. It’s quite not unusual place given that small groups regularly flow as they grow.

You’ll need to clean these kinds of listings connected for your new vicinity to save you any confusion and to ensure your enterprise is the handiest one displaying up in searches connected to that vicinity.

It’s specially essential to clean out any antique groups due to the fact in case you try and upload a vicinity already tested in Google My Business, it may not seem as it may be flagged as a replica vicinity on your account.

If this happens, you may see it indexed as “Access needed,” a good way to inform you a few different enterprise tested this vicinity formerly.

3.Change Your Google My Business Address to the New Location

Now that you’ve got cleared any preceding listings below your vicinity, ensure your list is updated.

Log into your Google My Business account, and take a look at the pin marker to verify it is moved. In maximum cases, it will shift automatically. If it doesn’t, Google can also additionally ship a postcard to confirm the brand new vicinity.

4.Update All Other Listings to the New Location

The older your enterprise is, the greater on-line listings it possibly has, because of this that the greater listings you want to update.

These listings deliver a whole lot of weight so in the event that they practice for your enterprise, absolutely ensure you preserve them updated.

5.Review Your Listings For the New Location

Every few weeks, search for any reproduction listings which could have popped up. Mistakes appear all of the time. Google can also additionally create a list from antique information so live on pinnacle of factors to preserve such mistakes from affecting your ratings and complicated your customers.

Conclusion : As a business owner, you need to update your Google listings with the correct business information. Changes will be reflected in your listing immediately. You can also run promotions and special offers on Google My Business to reach more customers. Keeping your listings fresh, up-to-date and dynamic will increase your reach and increase brand awareness.

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