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How to do YouTube SEO for better Ranking?

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for influencers everywhere. With the growing popularity of the platform, the number of influencers and vloggers around the world has grown significantly. This unprecedented growth has intensified the battle for the top spot and the competition. This requires leveraging the YouTube SEO space. As you know, SEO or search engine optimization is not just about website ranking. YouTube also has his own SEO tips and tricks that you can use strategically to help your videos rank higher.

4YouTube SEO Tips For Better Ranking

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Yes, keywords are the holy grail in all kinds of search engine optimization strategies. It’s no different on YouTube. Conduct a thorough keyword research. You can do extensive keyword research using YouTube’s own search suggestions and popular videos in relevant categories on the platform. Once you’ve identified your top-ranking keywords, use them strategically in your videos by using them in titles, thumbnails, descriptions, translations, hashtags, links, call-to-action locations, and more. Some.

Another aspect of keyword research is identifying the top ranking and least competitive keywords to use for video SEO. The lower the competition, the more likely your YouTube video of him will appear at the top of search results.

It’s important to note that when optimizing your videos using keyword research, you should also consider Google search results and rankings. While search results on YouTube are your number one priority, optimizing your video SEO for Google search can also go a long way toward increasing your video’s reach.

 Catchy and engaging videos

Once your keyword research is complete, the next step is to create videos that are unique, catchy, and highly engaging for your YouTube channel. One of the most important factors that determine YouTube ranking is audience retention, the amount of videos people actually watch. In other words, the goal is to aim for her 100% audience retention. H. People need to watch your video to the end.

Ultimately, the key to creating videos with high retention rates is quality content. No matter how much you put into optimizing YouTube’s search engine, your content won’t count if it’s not up to par. However, there are other factors that determine how catchy and engaging your videos are and improve your ranking. Comments, likes and dislikes, click-through rate, subscriber count and video length.

Last but not least, video length also plays a role. Determining the ideal length of your videos may be a gamble, but research shows that longer videos tend to rank higher than shorter ones.

     Video SEO

YouTube video optimization is another important tool that can improve your ranking on the platform. Keywords also play an important role in video SEO. You can insert keywords into your video when you are talking about content. This helps him in two ways. First, the keyword “sounds” on YouTube and recognizes that the video is about that topic. Second, through keywords, keywords are automatically reflected in the content of subtitles and transcriptions.

You can also include keywords in the video title as well as the description. This increases the chances of your video appearing higher in search results. It’s best to try to include the keyword as the first word in the title and try to mention him 2-4 times in the description. Finally, you can also improve her SEO for your videos by including keywords in your tags as well.


The penultimate step in adopting YouTube SEO is to promote your videos to increase popularity and views. Just sharing the video link on other platforms is not enough. There are several other effective ways to promote your videos on the web.

These are just some of the ways you can increase the reach and popularity of your YouTube channel using keywords and other SEO tools. If this improves your channel’s rank, let us know in the comments.


YouTube isn’t just for superstars. You can participate too. Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult. If you work hard to create videos that really help people, you’ll see your views grow. You can then drive that traffic to your site or ask people to sign up for your list for more content. Every company in the world runs Facebook and AdWords ads, making it difficult to stand out on these platforms.

YouTube is another story. With the YouTube SEO tips I shared, it’s surprisingly easy to get more views.

You don’t need a big budget to create great videos. Create trending videos using just your phone in your pocket and a free video editor. The best stations have the distinction of having something unique.

If you have a unique value proposition and work hard to create videos that people enjoy, you can achieve great success on YouTube. If you have any doubts connect with SEOgrey for better experience.


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