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How to Create an Authentic Brand Identity 2021

Thriving businesses have one thing in common: a robust and consistent brand identity. Just consider iconic brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Google – their long-lasting impression on the marketplace and worldwide recognition live proof of the facility of branding. Accurately shaping your brand’s identity requires taking some steps. It’s best to try to do this within the early stages of product or business development – before creating your own website or generating other assets like your logo and business cards. That being said, it’s never too late to form sure your business becomes an admired brand. This article will brief you on the method of building brand identity at any stage. First, we’ll clarify the term and explain why it is vital. Then, we’ll outline the steps you’ll be able to fancy pin down a brand identity of your own. 

What is brand identity?

The foundation of successful branding depends on having a well-formed brand identity: the distinct voice and visual appearance of a selected brand accustomed communicate its mission with the remainder of the planet. A brand identity encapsulates your business’ vision by portraying it in an exceedingly way that’s understood – and most significantly, embraced – by audiences. Once you’ve thought of how you wish people to perceive your brand, you’ll have to determine the weather that may turn it into a novel tour-de-force. These include the items that make your brand look and sound a specific way, like your choice of color palette or use of language.

Why is brand identity important?

Your brand is over just a logo – it’s something that lives, breathes and evolves as your business grows. A well-developed brand identity will distinguish your business within the eyes of your audience. it’ll also establish a way of understanding and reliability among your customers, forging a connection that ends up in loyalty, engagement and long-term success. Once you understand the persona of your brand, it’ll make growth easy, too. It’s something you’ll always use as an even reference for your brand strategy, marketing and content as your business continues to expand.

How to create your brand identity

Building a whole identity is associate degree investment of your time, ability and energy. As you’ll see, it’s additionally an excellent chance to secure all aspects of your whole and choose a way to share them with the globe. Use this define as a guide and start line – and find able to meet your whole.

  1. Shape your brand’s personality
  2. Design your brand’s assets
  3. Create a brand style guide
  4. Build your brand’s presence

01. Shape your brand’s personality

A strong set of values shapes the culture built around your business and proves that you care about more than just sales. Whether it’s a commitment to your customers’ success or a vow to sell high-quality products, having an overarching sense of purpose gives integrity to your brand. Adorn your brand’s assets with traits that embody these values and make sure all aspects of your branding are in sync.

Write your story

What inspired you to start out your business? What does one want to achieve? What are you able to offer your community? Your brand’s story is that the linchpin of building an authentic narrative that resonates together with your audience. If you’ll answer these questions and communicate them together with your customers, they’ll more likely to feel a connection to your product.

Define your core values

A strong set of values shapes the culture built around your business and proves that you simply care about quite just sales. Whether it’s a commitment to your customers’ success or a vow to sell top quality products, having an overarching sense of purpose gives integrity to your brand. 

02. Design your brand’s assets

You’ve already established what makes your brand stand out by defining its personality – prove its value by crafting a strong voice and refreshing visual representation. Your brand’s assets are a group of unique elements that help audiences identify it as something recognizable and distinct. Be bold – but smart. Customers appreciate idiosyncrasies when they’re served with transparency and consistency.

03. Create a brand style guide

Now that you’ve got decided the way to represent your brand, cement these ideas by creating a brand style guide. It ensures that you’re all on an equivalent page once you start creating marketing materials by providing clear details and directions .
Thinking ahead, a brand style guide will become handy once you make any future adjustments. Marketing trends always change, and your business will eventually expand – it’s almost inevitable that you’ll want to freshen your design within the future. A style guide allows you to form these adjustments while warranting consistent loyalty to the core of your brand identity.
Another scenario during which a brand style guide comes in handy is that if you outsource writing or design projects. In this case, your associates will have an in depth regard to dictate the foundations of your brand’s appearance.

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