We know that branding is one of the important techniques of marketing for creating a name, design, or symbol that differentiates your product and enables people to identify your brand easily. Before discussing the ways of using PPC Marketing for brand building, it’s important to understand the basics of branding and PPC. It is essential for people to learn who you are, what exactly you are offering, and what makes you stand out from the crowd to convert them into clients.

If you are familiar with the term “branding,” you might be thinking about how it helps small businesses. For this, PPC is one thing that you can use. Some of you might be already using PPC for promoting your small business. If not, then you should! The reason to use PPC is given in this post, but before that, let us discuss in brief PPC Marketing.

What is PPC Marketing?

There are a number of business owners who work hard for the brand building of their business, yet they aren’t familiar with the concept of PPC.

Have you ever noticed the ads appearing on the top of your search queries? If yes, do you have any idea how those ads are shown there, and what is the cost of publishing those ads?

PPC stands for Pay per Click. PPC Marketing is an online advertising model in which, advertisers have to pay some specific amount each time the visitor click on their ads.

One of the best and popular forms of PPC is Google AdWords. PPC makes it easy for the owners of small business to execute a single ad or an entire ad campaign entirely.

Not only this, they have the flexibility to make any changes after running the ad campaign, or also, they can stop it at any time.

It takes a number of things to run a successful PPC ad campaign and building a small business into a brand. You need to do a lot of research on the keywords, and the way of organizing them into the ad groups.

Importance of Branding for the Small Businesses

Branding is important to make any business grow. Well, there are a number of reasons for branding your business that is as follows:

Branding makes people recognize you and also creates trust easily. If you’ll advertise your products and services, it’s apparent that it will create awareness about you in masses.

In addition to this, the number of new customers will be generated. For this reason, branding is one of the necessary things in the strategies of marketing.

The more your brand is promoted, the more customers will buy the services from you.

So, what strategies you need to implement for the amplification of your brand? The answer is PPC advertising. You must be wondering how to use PPC? Read the article further to get an answer to your how and why!

How Do PPC and Paid Social Campaigns Increase Brand Awareness?

When it comes to increasing brand awareness among people, PPC is one of the great ways that would work best for you. If you have the potential to show up your ad on the top of the page, you’ll get a number of opportunities for exposing and promoting your brand to more people.

You can use PPC ads to increase brand awareness by introducing your brand in ads that your target market can see. By creating ads that show off what your brand is about, including a memorable name or logo, you can start to be a bug in the ear, or eye, of your potential customer base.

You can even think of it as an introduction. Your ad is your name tag. “Hi, my name is…” This is your opportunity to say hello and explain what you do.

If all you’re worried about is large groups of people actually seeing your ads, the impressions rather than the click through rates are going to be more important to you. You can continue to run a PPC campaign while watching two goals.

First, you would see how many impressions it’s getting. Then you would see how many are actually clicking on your ad. In fact, Google recommends switching over to a pay-per-impression option to build brand awareness.

Know Who Your Target Market Is

Do you know who buys your product or service? Do you know exactly who you are trying to build your brand awareness campaign for?

This can get a little tricky if you’re trying to break into a new market or switching your focus a bit. Your target market may not be who you’ve always sold to.

Get specific. Even create a customer avatar, if you can. Who is this person? How old are they? What do they do?

Understand Your Target Market Habits

Once you know who your target audience is, you can figure out what they do on a daily basis. Where do they hang out online? What apps do they use? Which social media sites are they on?

Focus your efforts on areas where you know your target market will be. It’s a waste of time and money to showcase ads to groups of people outside your target market. Don’t forget to think about their emotions and psychology too. What are their ambitions? Who do they want to emulate? How are they spending their time and energy to evolve or grow?

While you’re researching this, look for niche opportunities. The more you know exactly who your target market is, the more you can zone in on particular places to showcase your ads. Look for favorite apps or online tools that sell ad space. You can also look at favorite blogs or news sites for ad opportunities. Getting specific will help you get more out of each view.

Ad Copy of your Products and Services

Ad copy is one of the critical things to make a PPC campaign successful. This is because it’s the thing that’s going to hook the searchers to learn about your products and services.

You can use Ad copy to promote your brand on the search engine.

Also, it’s offering them amazing discounts on the exchange of old phones.

Have you noticed that the ad you’re seeing is focusing on the “personal trainer”? No links to any of their social media pages or the about us page are there. The ad is entirely about the trainers.

Following a similar way, you can also showcase your company’s products which are popular. Also, you can add the deals or special discounts you’re offering. This would make it easy for you to write your ad copy and create awareness of your brand in a better way.

Usage of Long-tail Keywords in your ads

Do you know what long tail keywords are and how to use them in the strategies of content marketing? Long tail keywords consist of three or four words or phrases which are specific to your products.

When it comes to the PPC Campaign, long tail keywords are also great to use.

For example: If you’ll search for the keyword phrase “running shoes,” the first and that you’re seeing is “running shoes near me.”

You can use long tail keywords in your ad campaigns. You all learn that customers usually buy products from the companies they trust. This is why make sure that that you use this keyword to make your brand trustworthy.

Get Creative with Keywords

The fun thing about building brand awareness through PPC campaigns is that you can get really creative with your keyword targeting and start to pop up in unlikely places. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • your competitors’ keywords
  • current event keywords
  • trending keywords
  • misspelled keywords
  • keywords your target market is searching for outside your industry

The main key to this tactic is using interesting ads that tie in why you are there, either with a simple or a light-hearted introduction. It could be something that makes you relevant to that space, even when you don’t seem to be. You’ll see some examples below.

Diversify Your Ads

Because this is about brand exposure, you will want to make sure you are getting the word out about your brand in more than one location or through different ad streams. For example, you can use Google Ads as well as Facebook and Instagram or another platform that makes sense for your brand. You can also try some ads through Google to continue to drip your brand onto those who have visited your website or social media pages.

Include the Right Information

It’s tempting to get more creative with ads and miss the obvious. Remember the goal here is to increase brand awareness. You want people to start knowing your brand and for your brand to start becoming famous with the industry you’re in or the problem you solve.

All of that can be lost if you forget the basics of your brand, which include:

  • your logo or a variant of it
  • your slogan or tagline
  • your location (if you are a location-dependent brand)
  • your website (if you aren’t easily searchable)


In this blog, you’ve got to learn how PPC works in brand building and awareness. PPC is all about placing your business’ advertisement across a number of mediums.

You can use PPC on Facebook, Google, and many other social media platforms, and websites. Such ads of PPC focus on the target groups. It’s similar to Search Engine Optimization, but unlike SEO, it costs money. If the user clicked on those ads, this would help you in driving conversions. Once you gather and analyze all the data from AdWords, you can start working on using them to see the results.

If you’re looking for a way to just get your name out there in the public mind, PPC campaigns can be a powerful way to do so. If you’re not sure how to get started, hiring a Google Ads consultant could help. SEOgrey is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kerala, we focus on SEO, PPC, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google AdWords Campaigns, Online Marketing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Optimization, and ROI.

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