What is Digital Marketing? | 2021 edition

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As a tiny low business owner, you have got huge goals. you would like to draw in loyal customers, build a frenzied team, and become a pacesetter in your niche.

Maybe you have detected it’s essential to specialize in digital promoting however found the term obscure, overwhelming, and confusing, exploit you unsure of wherever to start out and the way it’ll really facilitate.

We’re here to clear up the confusion. we all know the ins and outs of on-line promoting, and we have seen however it helps little businesses grow. With a correct digital promoting strategy, you’ll be able to reach a huge audience, boost complete awareness, and increase sales all whereas keeping your prices under control. Since digital promoting is comparatively simple to live and scale, you get a high level of management over your techniques and your results.

With this beginner’s guide, you will learn what digital promoting is, what square measure the standard forms of digital promoting channels and methods usually used, you will perceive the impact that digital promoting will wear on your business’s promoting efforts, and what square measure digital marketers’ roles and responsibilities inside a conventional promoting team.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

The way in which digital marketing has developed since the 1990s and 2000s has changed the way brands and businesses utilize technology and digital marketing for their marketing. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent as well as efficient, as digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, and as people use digital devices instead of going to physical shops.

Digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e-books, optical disks, and games, are becoming more and more common in our advancing technology. In fact, this extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback, and on-hold mobile ring tones.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any form of marketing or advertising delivered through traditional and new digital channels such as websites, social media, mobile applications, email, or search engines, among others.

Digital marketing is traditionally done online and offline and it includes different types of paid and non-paid digital marketing strategies such as:

  1. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Email marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Mobile marketing
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Forum marketing
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Marketing automation
  10. Influencer marketing
  11. Referral marketing

Digital promoting terms

You might have already set to source your initial digital campaign. perhaps you’re considering hiring a team member or 2. Either way, you’ve got to talk the language therefore you’ll be part of the voice communication.

Here square measure thirteen essential on-line promoting terms you must know:

Incoming channel

An incoming promoting channel could be a platform wherever customers will hunt down your business on-line. Your website, your social media pages, and your email list square measure just a few of the incoming channels that allow you to attract and have interaction with customers.

Client persona

A client persona represents your ideal client and helps you perceive your target audience’s wants and motivations. marketing research and knowledge form client personas, which might define everything from age and gender to interests and issues.


A conversion could be a specific action you wish customers to require throughout a digital promoting campaign. as an example, you would possibly need customers to shop for associate degree item, check in for associate degree email list, or transfer a study.

Key performance indicator (KPI)

KPIs square measure the metrics or goals for your digital promoting campaigns. A productive campaign ought to reach or exceed your KPIs. to line effective KPIs, use the sensible goal method:

Specific: Be as clear as attainable concerning every KPI

Measurable: check that your KPI includes numbers, like sales figures or new client signups

Achievable: KPIs ought to be realistic, not possible

Relevant: Your KPIs ought to align together with your overall business goals

Time-based: each KPI ought to embrace a timeline therefore you recognize once to start out and stop the activity

Return on investment (ROI)

ROI calculates the revenue from a promoting campaign and helps you assess the general price. To calculate ROI, calculate the number you spent on the campaign from the revenue total. Then divide by the number you pay on the campaign.

Cost per click (CPC)

CPC refers to the number you pay each time a client clicks on your digital ad. To calculate CPC, divide the overall quantity you spent by the number of link clicks.

Many digital ad platforms use CPC as an evaluation model, which implies you get charged for every click. By watching CPC, you’ll additionally confirm you’re disbursal the proper quantity to urge customers on your website.

Cost per acquisition (CPA)

CPA measures the value of changing a client. to live the comptroller for a campaign, divide the overall quantity you spent by the number of conversions.

Like CPC, several digital ad platforms supply comptroller as an evaluation model thus you’ll management what proportion you pay to land a brand new client. once you optimize for comptroller, you’ll additionally keep your comptroller low and run cheaper campaigns.

Click-through rate (CTR)

CTR refers to the share of consumers UN agency click on a link in your promoting campaign. To calculate CTR, divide the overall range of views by the number of clicks.

Although CTR doesn’t live value, it will still assist you to assess your campaign’s success. A high CTR shows that an outsized share of individuals UN agency saw the link were interested enough to click.


Remarketing could be a strategy that targets customers UN agencies have already interacted with or shown interest in your business. victimization this strategy will assist you to lower your digital promoting prices since it guides customers through the sales funnel.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the share of individuals UN agency visit your web site then exit quickly. to search out your website’s bounce rate, check your Google Analytics knowledge.

Ideally, you would like your bounce rate to be as low as potential, and you would like it to decrease over time. After all, the lower your bounce rate, the additional price customers get from your website.


No matter how big or how quickly you want to build your business, digital marketing is key. From PPC to social media, digital marketing strategies let you connect with your customers online and stay competitive in an increasingly digital economy. With its customizable, versatile, and scalable nature, digital marketing can drive traffic and target conversions, ultimately allowing you to reach your business goals.

If you’re sold on why digital marketing will benefit your business, pick the channel(s) that you feel will be most beneficial to your business and start looking for a marketing expert to help you build, launch, and test your campaign.

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What is Digital Marketing? | 2021 edition
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What is Digital Marketing? | 2021 edition
What is Digital Marketing? | 2021 edition
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