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5 Trends to Follow in 2022 to Up Your Digital Marketing Game


Digital marketing is ever-evolving industry marketers have to constantly keep themselves updated with the latest trends and if that wasn’t enough in recent times with the pandemic and lockdowns things have rather changed drastically. Many businesses were forced to operate online which also creates more opportunities for digital advertising and marketing professionals to cash in on the huge consumer population that has been created. Here are the top predictions on how the trends in digital marketing will change in the year 2022.

1. The importance of Mobile Marketing

According to surveys, due to the pandemic and lockdowns, people are spending more time on their phones than before. This trend is believed to continue for the foreseeable future and as a result, we have an audience that is spending more time on their phones than on any other device.

According to recent statistics, smartphone usage has spiked to an astonishing 70% during the pandemic, with an average person spending 4-5 hrs on their smartphones daily!

In 2022, simple tasks such as optimization of your website for better user experience on smaller screens and creating apps that can be easily downloaded can prove to be massive game-changers.

The sudden spike in the time spent by users on smartphones will also mean that with millions of websites at your service, customers will prefer faster loading websites and apps making even the page loading speed a massive factor.

Hence in 2022, it is really important to create a more responsive design for apps and websites so that it will allow customers to easily access your content through any device.

2. The role of AI in marketing

Some of the basic principles of marketing are collecting data, analyzing data and learning, and improving from that data. The ability of AI to accomplish all these and more taking just a fraction of the time that is taken by a person simply makes it indispensable in today’s times.

 AI can be best utilized In multiple ways

  • AI can be used to understand the customer and his/her preferences better, which customer prefers certain marketing campaigns, and which marketing campaigns are better at creating a better return of investment (RoI).
  • AI can also use the collected past data to make statistical predictions that can predict the future, this is called predictive analytics. These predictions are generally about finding the Likelihood of customers purchasing the product.

AI will definitely dominant the digital marketing industry for the foreseeable future, and even though there are concerns about it replacing human professionals, a human touch will always be essential and a combination of AI and human intelligence is a huge plus for the marketing industry.

3. Building your presence on multiple platforms

In today’s day and age where saturation is at its all-time high marketing professionals are leaving no stones unturned to rank their website high and in 2022 it’s only going to get tougher hence having just a website is not enough, you will need to expand your presence to other popular platforms also.

These can be any platforms, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp groups and even hosting webinars, Google meets, live streams, etc.

In 2022 it will be really important to do multichannel marketing it will be really important to create a customer base for your product/website/company it doesn’t matter if they are called likes followers or friends.

4. The end of third party cookies in 2022

Now, this is not really a prediction or a trend but a significant change that we will get to see from 2022 to late 2023.

The use of third-party cookies could track the various activities that the customer does like which websites he or she visits which are really helpful for the companies.

The use of third-party cookies may be helpful for companies to get leads but the troubling usage of these cookies by some companies and user tracking without the customer’s consent led to the decision of browser developers to end these third-party cookies.

Though this may seem like a setback at the same time this is a huge opportunity to build trust between you and your customers, after all, trust is one of the most powerful business assets a company can hold.

5. Use of  Chatbots and voice assistants

Though chatbots and voice assistants come under AI, chatbots and voice assistants are so important that they deserve a separate discussion altogether.

 Their ability to interact and provide a personalized shopping experience to customers makes them extremely valuable.

They are used in many aspects such as text conversation, emailing, social media, placing and tracking orders.

It can also gather data about customer preferences and create personalized marketing campaigns and can make sure that each individual customer gets information most relevant to him or her. Similarly, the use of voice assistants has seen a huge increase, voice searches, in general, have seen a huge spike that matters, if you can fully understand where all the customers use the voice assistant you can get a better idea of your customers needs.


The bottom line is that the digital marketing scene keeps on changing every year but the pandemic has changed it exponentially in a short period of time and due to the growing popularity and integration of AI into digital marketing and policies like the removal of cookies are just going to make it even more complex for marketing professionals, but as the say ” Out of adversity comes opportunity “. Adapting to changes and being quick on your feet will really help you in 2022, work on your mobile marketing skills, expand your presence across other platforms and if you need any assistance we can help you!

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