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5 Digital Marketing Channels That Will Help You To Increase Conversions

Why use digital marketing channels?

Reaching your target audience using digital marketing channels is important for any business, as the Internet has become an important source of information for people. Today the Internet is one of the most important ways to keep people informed of the latest news and products available on the market.

Digital marketing channels are cheaper than traditional marketing methods such as print advertising, television and radio and should be considered the most cost-effective way to reach consumers. Carry out specific campaigns or actions over traditional channels.

Our Top 5 digital marketing channels to increase conversions

1.  SEM / PPC

One of the most effective digital marketing channels for increasing conversions is SEM or search engine marketing. SEM helps drive traffic to your website and grow your audience through campaigns based on specific keywords. These are the terms that users search for on Google when searching for the services and products we offer.

The main difference from other marketing channels is that we know what people are searching for here (and we may even know the terms they type into the search engine). So make sure your ad is relevant to what they want. This way, Google lowers the cost of clicking on more relevant ads, thus reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

PPC refers to pay-per-click advertising, which most people use as a synonym for SEM, but sometimes you pay per click instead of search engine searches. For example, you can pay for clicks from apps and websites that use display ads to monetize your work.

  • Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular search advertising and PPC platform. It started as Google Adwords, a way of promoting keywords in Google Search. As you may know, Google is the most used search engine with over 90% market share in most countries (the only major markets where Google is not the most used search engine are China, Russia, Korea). Over time, Adwords (now Google Ads) will also include display campaigns (you can run image or text ads on any website that is part of the Google Display Network), shopping campaigns and video campaigns.

2. SEO

Search engines ship visitors to web sites in ways: paid clicks (that’s what we simply blanketed in SEM) and natural visitors. Organic way which you aren’t buying the location or the pressing itself, however instead, it changed into the hunt engine set of rules that determined that your internet site changed into applicable to the hunt completed with the aid of using the user. To make sure which you rank as excessive as viable for all the ones seek queries applicable in your business, there’s an entire advertising distinctiveness known as Search Engine Optimisation (or search engine optimization), whose practitioners live on pinnacle of the trendy modifications and first-class practices enforced with the aid of using Google and different seek engines.

search engine optimization isn’t easy, it is very converting with the aid of using nature, and the maximum crucial component to understand approximately it’s far that the visitors you get these days isn’t guaranteed. Google may want to make a primary middle replace to its algorithms, and your natural visitors may want to drop 60% (it is passed off many times, one of the closing and maximum mentioned being the Medic Update in August 2018).

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of creating and posting content on your website that helps the audience you’re trying to reach, including: Instead of approaching potential buyers yourself, have them come to you.

Just like SEO, it takes time. If not done properly, it has one major drawback compared to more direct advertising. The conversion rate for can be quite low. Getting traffic to the top of the funnel is easy, but not so much at the bottom.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing requires consent. You can’t send emails to people you don’t know or trust. This is because the email goes straight to the spam folder and most emails run the risk of being flagged as spammers by his servers. For this reason, email marketing is a very powerful channel for keeping users engaged and moving them down the funnel who have visited her website at least once. Combining SEM or SEO/content marketing with an effective email marketing strategy can easily lead to an effective marketing mix.

 4. Social media marketing

In social media like search engines, there are two ways to reach potential customers.


Organic social media means trying to capture the attention of your customers by appearing on their social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, whatever the latest social craze is) . Unfortunately, most social networks limit the organic reach of brands’ posts in order to force brands to invest in paid marketing services.

Paid Social Media means you pay for clicks, engagement or even impressions in your viewers’ feeds using Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads. Some of them have a wide reach and many segmentation options, but remember that you should never influence your audience when searching for what they offer (like search engine marketing to). Instead, interrupt the audience in the middle of their free time or when you’re trying to talk to a friend or family member.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing means using video platforms to reach your audience (YouTube is the most popular platform, Twitch is a trending option for reaching younger audiences). As with any social network, you can create a channel and grow your awareness organically by posting engaging content for your audience, or use paid options to increase the popularity of your existing channel and the benefits of your videos. can also be used.


Choosing the right digital marketing channel can feel daunting at first, but with the right information and a solid understanding of your goals, you can find the right channel.

Having the right partner by your side also helps. SEOgrey has many years of experience in digital marketing. As a full-service agency, we work with a variety of internet marketing channels, including all the channels mentioned in this article.

We offer a variety of free resources to help you gain the digital marketing knowledge you need to choose the right digital marketing channels. Plus, our friendly team will be there for you.

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