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Engage Customers Directly with Gmail Ads In Their Inbox

Do you ever get nagging when all you need to do is check your email? Who knows that important or unimportant emails will end up in your inbox? If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.
Over a billion users log into their Gmail accounts to connect, work, and more. Gmail ads offer a great way for advertisers to reach this audience.
An audience this size makes Gmail a great place to advertise your business. Plus, the fits right into the AdWords ad management ‘family’. So simple, easy and affordable.

How do Gmail ads work?

When an ad appears in Gmail, users can choose to ignore it or click . When a user clicks on her Gmail ad, it expands to fill the page and is completely immersive.
This allows advertisers to include rich content such as images and videos that can make a big difference to potential customers. Best place? As with all Google ads, advertisers only pay for the first click. This brings enormous variety and impact to relatively inexpensive, high-reach advertising.
How can I ensure that my Gmail ads are shown to the right people?
Advertisers have several options for delivering their ads to potential customers’ inboxes.

Custom Audience Targeting

You can reconnect with your existing customers by uploading your mailing list and tracking those who have already expressed interest in or purchased from your business (with their permission, of course). hand).

Behavioural Targeting

You can also select domains in AdWords that users may have visited or have different interests to tell the system that you are targeting Gmail ads to the specific demographics you want. can help you find and attract entirely new customers.
This includes using tools such as Google Analytics to target users who have previously visited your site.
Another good reason to use Gmail ads is that Gmail automatically optimizes ads so they appear on all screens. This is essential these days as he 75% of Gmail users check their emails most frequently on his mobile device.

How can I check if my Gmail ads are working?

Gmail ads are fully integrated with AdWords so advertisers can monitor the impact of their ads on their campaigns and overall marketing strategy. You can see clearly.
As part of a larger effort, Gmail ads can help potential customers take time to check their email. This means that, like most users, you have the opportunity to see ads directly many times each day if you can’t help but check them often. A very powerful tool in the kit.
Combining beautiful creative elements, strong targeting, and accurate measurement in ads, Gmail ads bring a lot of value and versatility to your online marketing campaigns. Use them to become a savvy advertiser and grow your business.
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