Ecommerce Marketing Strategies: 11 Tips to Grow Product Sales


To build the correct promoting strategy for your eCommerce business, place down exactly what your brand’s goal and objectives are and what your mission is. Analyse your journey so far- successes and failures- thus you’ll be able to pinpoint what sector desires a lift. Is it your website? or even you wish to be found higher on the search engine Results Page (SERPs)? no matter your issue, it’s  possible that many eCommerce  promoting  best practices might bail you out.

The drawback, though, is that the internet is inundated with suggestions, eCommerce promoting tips, even ‘quick fixes’ with tall claims of immediate changes. In reality, eCommerce promoting techniques take time to good and even longer to implement. The sheer variety of eCommerce promoting ways that one will apply to a whole is quite dizzying, therefore here’s a breakdown of the most methods.

We’ve place along variety of eCommerce promoting methods to assist you grow your eCommerce business.

Three Key Tips to maximise Your eCommerce Business

1. Retarget

Having integrated your eCommerce business to online platforms you’re currently given an endless quantity of knowledge on your client base. With this data, you would like to leverage custom audiences. we tend to once we after we} state custom audiences we mean audiences that hold a particular set of knowledge that’s constant and distinct to an exact set of criteria relating your business.

Once you leverage custom audiences, you’ll be able to retarget them with a lookalike audience. this suggests you may retarget your advertising to individuals supported sure actions such as; emails you have got sent out, people who have watched your videos, your followers on your social channels or people who have visited your web site. This data is sometimes collected through an element that gathers this data to be half-tracked.

By targeting look alike audiences you’re retargeting audiences (e.g. people who have visited your website) that look just like those in your custom audience. These individuals hold similar knowledge because the customers who are in your custom audiences. For example; all of them have constant time length in which they stayed on your web site, same spending budgets, favourite things etc. With these lookalike audiences, you’ll be able to realize several matches throughout North American country, the USA or the planet.  There’s an infinite quantity of  potentialities once it involves lookalike audiences. This makes this strategy therefore successful in eCommerce businesses.

2. Abandoned Carts

The second key tip to maximise your eCommerce business would be to leverage your custom audiences with abandoned carts.

You will do that by gathering your custom audiences and retargeting them supported a collection of shopping for behaviours they need shown such as; they need visited your web site, they need visited your web site and visited the checkout or they need visited your web site then visited the checkout then left things in their cart before going your web site.

By retargeting individuals in custom audiences that have visited your web site and left things in their checkout carts, it’s known as retargeting abandoned carts. This is often one amongst the most effective ways that you’ll be able to increase revenue by 10x as a result of it ends up in a 4x cheaper come back rate and a bigger probability your client can purchase your service or product.

To be very successful in retargeting abandoned carts it’s done with a special offer.

3. Offers

The third tip to increasing sales on your eCommerce business is to make extraordinary offers. check that they’re very inventive and attention-grabbing. they’re the key to driving sales and adding worth to your service or product. once you provide exclusive offers it entices your abandoned cart retargeting audiences to shop for furthermore.

If you discover your offers are still not excelling and transfer business to your eCommerce company check that you produce an ad that has robust creatives. the most effective creatives that show results are short-format videos that worth their product with either client reviews or info-based content. However, check that this info is brief and sweet.

If you have got any more queries on however, you’ll be able to 10x your eCommerce business writes us a comment below and that we would be happy to reply with our client and agency tips and tricks!

4. Engage customers

Creating a reference to customers is however you’ll bring them into your ecommerce sales funnel and keep moving them down it till they create a buying deal call. It’s additionally however you’ll be able to nurture customers and switch them into complete evangelists, making certain repeat business. using text messages to make engagement will be impactful as a result of text messages feel personal. Here are a number of text electronic messaging ways you’ll be able to use to drive engagement:

  • Text to win contest: A text to win contest incentives people to join your text list, that is however you’ll be able to grow your text list at the start. However, it additionally encourages people to not take away themselves from your text list. If they know you have got very nice contests periodically, they’ll be additional inclined to stay around. 
  • Loyalty rewards: You don’t need to acquire a fancy loyalty rewards code to possess a digitized loyalty program. you’ll be able to offer SMS loyalty rewards that are even as effective. 
  • Mobile coupons: Sending mobile coupons that are exclusive to your text list creates a lot important for purchasers that may encourage them to register and stay on your text list. you’ll be able to use coupons throughout the year to incentive people to come to your ecommerce store and create another purchase. 
  • Birthday texts: letting your customers  know  you’re  wondering  them on their birthday could be a nice bit and offers you another sensible excuse to achieve back out and continue developing that relationship. As an ecommerce marketer, one of the challenges is that you simply don’t really get to visualize your customers face to face. this might create developing a private relationship hard. Birthday texts are one simple thanks to get send customized messages. 

5. Increase security

Giving personal or monetary info on-line is disagreeable for several customers. In fact, 13% of shoppers abandon their carts due to security considerations. to not mention, upwards of 30% of on-line consumer goods transactions are abandoned because of security considerations. It’s your job as an ecommerce marketer to ease consumers’ minds once it involves cybersecurity. you’ll be able to try this by limiting advertisements and pop-ups on your website, coming up with a company cybersecurity mission statement and together with positive security testimonials on your web site landing page.

6. Add additional payment options

According to analysis done by Statista, 16% of shoppers abandon their carts due to an absence of payment choice. consider giving the flexibility to make an account and save payment information on your website, in addition to diversifying your current payment choices. 

7. Create an additional sales channel

It’s possible to actually sell and fulfil orders through text message, and as more companies choose text message marketing as their total solution in 2020 we predict you’ll see this strategy used in more creative ways. Not sure how it could work? Take the below example from Wine Library called Wine Texts. In this case, customers are texted a daily wine deal and then reply with how many bottles they want to purchase. Their card on file is then charged and the bottles are shipped to the address they inputted when they signed up for the Wine Texts. You could also modify this example to include a link to your online store if you would rather drive customers to the store to have them complete the purchase. In general, the less friction in the purchase process, the better. Companies who front load the friction — getting the shipping and billing information at the beginning and not asking for it again that tends to make good results overall when it comes to ecommerce marketing. 

8. Display Shipping Details

Plenty of times, you’re almost done making a purchase and suddenly bombarded with shipping costs right at the end. It’s vital to be straightforward with customers and let them know how much they’ll need to pay for shipping right at the beginning of the checkout process. 28 per cent of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart when they face shipping costs they weren’t expecting, so it’s essential to inform them before they make a complete effort.

Apart from this, any other shipping details, such as the estimated time of delivery or if other shipping details, such as signature upon arrival, are involved.

9. Personalize the Buying Experience for Customers

Nothing is more effective than making a customer, or potential customer, feel important. You should devote your attention to customers by personalizing emails and recommending products based on their previous purchases. Personalization is an effective technique to connect with your customers and cater to their unique needs and wants.

Based on a customer’s purchase history, you can make recommendations and show customers related products that they might be interested in. While personalization requires extra effort from your end, it leads to a multitude of benefits in the long-run.

10. Provide Accurate Product Descriptions

If your business involves products, such as shoes or clothing, then customers need to be able to access a detailed size guide before they make a purchase. Not only does this reduce the number of returns you might potentially receive, but it’s also beneficial to your customers.

Apart from this, customers should also be able to read any reviews other customers have left for the product so they can have a better idea about where their money is going. Additionally, you should also include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that addresses the most common concerns customers might have.

Brands, such as Ted Baker, understand the importance of detailed product descriptions and include several specifications, fit, size, fabric, and even the size of the model in the product image. While you don’t necessarily need to cover everything, telling customers the details they might be most interested in will give them a clear idea of what they can expect from the product.

Product descriptions are also an excellent technique for you to boost your website’s ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) since you can incorporate relevant keywords in the description, as well as the tag for the image.


Every eCommerce business has a unique blueprint, and what may work for a competitor or another enterprise may not necessarily work for your business. By employing a combination of different eCommerce strategies and testing them, you’ll be able to figure out which yield the best results for your brand.

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