11 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is defined because the proportion of tourists that leave a webpage without taking an action, like clicking on a link, filling out a form, or making a buying deal. 

Since they didn’t initially land on Page B, it’s not a bounce on Page B either. That said, because that person left your site on Page B, which is able to increases Page B’s Exit Rate in Google Analytics. And if you notice a page on your site with a superb high Exit Rate, that’s an argument worth fixing.

With that, here’s a side-by-side comparison of Bounce Rate and Exit Rate. You can expect an extremely high Bounce Rate. Bad UX: Yes, your site should look good. But your site also must be super easy to use. and also the better it’s for people to read and navigate around your website, the lower your Bounce Rate will generally be. 

In fact, a bounce could also be a sign that your page gave someone exactly what they wanted.

Many digital marketers face this same drawback, that sometimes happens as a result of the website’s not doing what it’s purported to.

A high bounce rate sounds the alarm that individuals aren’t finding what they’re searching for on your website. A healthy approach is to look at this as a chance for improvement.

For bounce rates that ar a touch over you’d like them to be, here ar some points to recollect and steps to follow to induce your bounce rates back to manageable levels.

Is this a decent factor or bad?

A high bounce rate doesn’t invariably mean there’s a tangle. If somebody lands on your website associate degreed is searching for an address or business hours, it wouldn’t be uncommon for somebody to land and bounce.

A visit to your business would still be thought of to be a conversion. The problem is once individuals land, bounce, and don’t convert. Those are the prospects we would like to specialize in. Your job is to search out out why individuals ar bouncing in such high numbers.

How is Bounce Rate Calculated?

A web site’s bounce rate is that the proportion of individuals UN agency have landed on your website and don’t browse from now on. In alternative words, bounce rate represents single page views solely.

To find this range, the general public intercommunicate Google Analytics. Google Analytics can provide you with every page’s bounce rate, that represents all single page views.

This can be calculated by taking the entire range of bounces across all of the pages of your website divided by the number of entrances across all pages throughout that very same period.

1. Slow-to-Load Page

Google contains a revived concentrate on website speed, particularly as a neighborhood of the Core net vital organ initiative. A slow-to-load page are often a large drawback for bounce rate. Site speed is an element of Google’s ranking algorithmic program. Google needs to push content that has a positive expertise for users, and that they acknowledge that a slow website will give a poor expertise. Users need the facts quick – this is often a part of the explanation Google has place most work into featured snippets.

If your page takes longer than a number of seconds to load, your guests might get tired and leave. Fixing website speed may be a womb-to-tomb journey for many SEO and selling professionals. But the upper side is that with every progressive fix, you must see AN progressive boost in speed.

Review your page speed (overall and for individual pages) victimization tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. The Google Search Console PageSpeed reports. Lighthouse reports. Pingdom. GTmetrix. They’ll provide you with recommendations specific to your website, like pressure your pictures, reducing third-party scripts, and investment browser caching.

2. independent Content

Sometimes your content is economical enough individuals will quickly get what they have and bounce! This can be a beautiful factor. Perhaps you’ve achieved the content marketer’s dream and created awing content that entirely consumed them for a couple of minutes in their lives. Or maybe you have got a landing page that solely needs the user to finish a brief lead type. To determine whether or not bounce rate is nothing to fret concerning, you’ll need to appear at the Time Spent on Page and Average Session period metrics in Google Analytics.

You can additionally conduct user expertise testing and A/B testing to check if the high bounce rate may be a drawback. If the user is outlay one or two minutes or a lot of on the page, that sends a positive signal to Google that they found your page extremely relevant to their search question. If you would like to rank for that exact search question, that sort of user intent is gold.

3. disproportionate Contribution by a number of Pages

If we have a tendency to expand on the instance from the previous section, you’ll have a number of pages on your web site} that square measure contributory disproportionally to the general bounce rate for your site. Google is savvy at recognizing the distinction between these. If your single CTA landing pages fairly satisfy user intent ANd cause them to bounce quickly when taking an action, however your longer-form content pages have a lower bounce rate, you’re in all probability smart to travel. However, you’ll wish to dig in and make sure that this can be the case or discover if a number of these pages with the next bounce rate shouldn’t be inflicting users to depart en bloc.

4. deceptive Title Tag and/or Meta Description Ask yourself:

Is that the content of your page accurately summarized by your title tag and meta description? If not, guests might enter your website thinking your content is regarding one factor, solely to search out that it isn’t, so recuperate to wherefrom they came. Whether it had been AN innocent mistake otherwise you were making an attempt to game the system by optimizing for keyword clickbait (shame on you!), this is, fortuitously, easy enough to repair. Either review the content of your page and alter the title tag and meta description consequently or rewrite the content to deal with the search queries you would like to draw in guests for.

5. Blank Page or Technical Error

If your bounce rate is exceptionally high and you see that folks square measure disbursal but a number of seconds on the page, it’s doubtless your page is blank, returning a 404, or otherwise not loading properly. Take a glance at the page from your audience’s most well liked browser and device configurations (e.g., expedition on desktop and mobile, Chrome on mobile, etc.) to copy their expertise. You can additionally register Search Console beneath Coverage to get the problem from Google’s perspective. Correct the problem yourself or talk over with somebody UN agency will – a difficulty like this will cause Google to drop your page from the search ends up in a rush.

6. dangerous Link from Another web site

You could be doing everything excellent on your finish to realize a traditional or low bounce rate from organic search results, and still have a high bounce rate from your referral traffic. The referring website can be causing you unqualified guests or the anchor text and context for the link can be deceptive. Sometimes this can be a results of sloppy copywriting. The writer or publisher connected to your web site} within the wrong a part of the copy or didn’t mean to link to your site in the least. Reach dead set the author of the article, then the editor or webmaster if the author can’t update the article post-publish. Politely raise them to get rid of the link to your website – or update the context, whichever is smart.

7. Affiliate Landing Page or Single-Page website

If you’re AN affiliate, the total purpose of your page could also be to deliberately send individuals removed from your {website|web website} to the merchant’s site. In these instances, you’re doing the task right if the page contains a higher bounce rate. A similar situation would be if you have got a single-page web site, like a landing page for your ebook or a straightforward portfolio website. It’s common for sites like these to possess a awfully high bounce rate since there’s obscurity else to travel. Remember that Google will sometimes tell once an internet site is doing an honest job satisfying user intent albeit the user’s question is answered super quickly (sites like return to mind).

8. Low-Quality or beneath Optimized

Content Visitors could also be bouncing from your web site as a result of your content is simply plain dangerous. Take an extended, arduous explore your page and have your most faultfinding and honest colleague or friend review it. (Ideally, this person either contains a background in content selling or copywriting, or they comprise your target audience). One chance is that your content is nice, however, you simply haven’t optimized it for on-line reading – or for the audience that you’re targeting. Are you writing in easy sentences (think highschool students versus PhDs)? Is it simply scannable with legion header tags? Does it cleanly answer questions? Have you enclosed pictures to interrupt up the copy and build it simple on the eyes?

9. Dangerous or objectionable uxor

Are you bombarding individuals with ads, pop-up surveys, and email subscribes buttons? CTA-heavy options like these could also be irresistible to the selling and sales team, however, mistreatment too several of them will build a traveler endure the hills. Google’s Core internet vital organ square measure all regarding user expertise – they’re ranking factors, and result in user happiness too.

10. The Page Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

While we all know it’s necessary to possess a mobile-friendly website, the apply isn’t perpetually followed within the planet. Google’s index is changed to mobile-only next year. But as recently as 2018, one study found that just about 1 / 4 of the highest websites weren’t mobile-friendly. Websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile don’t look smart on mobile devices – and that they don’t load too quickly, either.

11. Wonky Google Analytics Setup

It’s attainable that you simply haven’t properly enforced Google Analytics and additional pursuit codes to all or any of the pages on your website. Google explains a way to fix that here.

12. Content Depth

Google will offer individuals fast answers through featured snippets and information panels; you’ll offer individuals the deep, fascinating, interconnected content that’s a step on the far side that

Make sure your content compels individuals to click on additional.

Provide fascinating, relevant internal links, and provides them a reason to remain.

And for the group that desires the fast answer, offer them a TL;DR outline at the highest.

13. Requesting an excessive amount

Don’t raise somebody for his or her mastercard range, social insurance, grandmother’s pension, and children’s names right off the bat – your user doesn’t trust you however.

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