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10 Digital Marketing Plans for Educational Institutes in 2020


The educational sector has become more competitive and complex than before, hence digital marketing for education is slowly taking over traditional marketing. Students, guardians and teachers have started to judge educational institutions based on their website, qualitative online presence and its reputation based on reviews.

Today, educational degree is no longer location specific. Creation of online courses deemed to bring good profit to students. This good news for students as the education system is gaining more significance. But this has also lead to increasing competition among higher education institutions to maximize student enrolment and deliver the best of the best education services.

Why Use Digital Marketing to Reach Students

  • Students(audiences) are already searching online for educational and training stuff.
  • Students spend maximum time on the internet rather in front of other media including television.
  • Advertisements on the internet are more effective and generate good sales as compared to traditional advertising. They can be used to create a brand awareness among people.
  • Now a days guardians and students select school or college based on its online presence and reviews.
  • Outstation students depend heavily on the websites for college admissions.
  • Parents consider online admissions and prefer to raise any queries online.
  • People want everything at their fingertips. A well marketed website solves these issues using responsive websites and apps .

Advantages of Using Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

1. Cost-effective

Digital Marketing  platform is highly affordable compared to conventional marketing strategies, moreover it is the best medium to attract a broader audience at little to no cost. Internet marketing strategies like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Mobile marketing require less investment and return good conversions. This concludes that educational institutes can focus on a more significant audience at a low cost, and achieve greater benefits.

2. Enhance Brand Awareness

Online marketing is the best way to generate brand awareness and audience expansion through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc., as they comprise a greater section of the audience.

Therefore digital marketing offers a fast-reaching approach to its target market, regardless of where they are in the world. This will give students and parents a chance to learn more about the institution without even lifting a finger.

Also, for less popular educational systems, online marketing is really beneficial . This includes home school organizations, private tutoring centers, or even freelance teachers. Marketing their services online will allow them to be in the same level playing field with other higher education systems.

3. High Conversion Rate

Digital educational marketing platforms receive a high conversion rate as digital channels help to reach a number of target audience through social networks and emails.

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it is capable of encompassing all areas of internet. Hence a student can be targeted regardless of whether he is on Facebook, or Twitter, email, websites of different sorts etc that is it really does not matter where exactly is a student is surfing the internet.

4. Promote through paid channels

Promotions through various digital channels automatically creates brand awareness in the audience moreover, by maintaining the websites, blogs and other channels effectively will result in a great brand image of the educational institution in the audience.

Digital Marketing channels are affordable and being the fastest means of communication, promotional messages can meet the target audience within a short span of time and there will be immediate feedback from them.

Nowadays, students being the active users of social media, feedback will be instantaneous from mediums like Facebook, Twitter etc. A feedback is a source of correction and many ideas, which can be used for further online strategies of the institute.

5. Improves Institution Rankings –

Google makes a big difference in the image of institution if it’s website is ranked 1st on google which can only achieved by Digital Marketing. Online appearence is very important ; one needs a good website( good website does not mean a website with colours and attractive images only but it should be designed according to the fundamentals of the digital marketing), website is just like the online showroom same as offline, if it looks good, maintained according to the terms and condition then it will take you to the top. Also if students and other stake holders speak positively about it on the internet, then it helps to improve the ranking of your academic institution.

6. Increase in Profit –

Digital marketing is very affordable compared traditional marketing techniques and most suitable for educational institutions because they are allocated limited budget for marketing activities.

Invest in social media digital marketing campaigns which is cost-effective and controllable. Plus, the different online marketing tools can help leverage each campaign for more conversions at lesser costs.

7. Easy Access to Target Audience –

It is very easy to approach target audience of educational institutions through digital marketing since almost all are highly active on the internet, Therefore, digital marketing is the most suitable marketing idea that suits the nature of educational institutions.

8. Instant Feedback

Social medias are the best medium to obtain instantaneous feedback from students.

Digital marketing channels are the most quickest ways to convey a promotional message to the target audience who are highly active on social medias. Also it is very easy to record their responses and feedback within no time, and bring in changes in strategies if that can improve the quality of your deliverance.

9.Results are measurable

We can track the performance and results of various digital marketing campaigns using tools like Google analytics as these helps to come a continuous record of the campaign activity. With the available statistics, we can change the marketing strategies in a way that boost your educational institute goals.

10. On-Page SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a necessary segment of every successful digital marketing strategy. After all, it is SEO that enhances your brand visibility on search engines, which is the primary platform for a user’s searches. So make sure that the content on your web page is well optimized for searches.

You need to consider several criteria such as including affluent title tags, appropriate meta-descriptions, optimum keyword density, refined headers, internal links, etc.

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